In 2021, the couple decided to switch from caravanning to vanlife, investing in a brand new Elddis Autoquest CV40.

Tim tells us their story:

“Rachel and I used to Caravan many years ago when our kids were young, with several caravans - our last caravan being an Elddis Avante, brought new from the Caravan show at the NEC.

“As the kids got older and wanted different holidays we sadly sold the caravan and did other things.

“In 2021 Rachel and I decided that, as we had holidayed alone for many years, it was time to get out on the road and enjoy ourselves.

“We talked about getting a motorhome or campervan and, after looking around, we found that the Elddis Autoquest CV range was right for us due to its size, layout, specification and the equipment included.

“We finally placed an order at Don Amott Leisure and eagerly awaited delivery. When we ordered we did add some factory extras such as solar panel, awning, microwave, cab blinds, alloy wheels and a few more goodies to enhance this already well spec'd camper.

“While we waited on delivery I joined the best (in my honest opinion) dedicated CV owners Facebook group (Elddis & Compass CV20,CV40,CV60 &CV80), where we have gained even greater insight into the CV range and we have since met members and fellow owners and made many new friends at some the group meet ups. These are great, social and friendly events held throughout the country .

“Before we took delivery we needed to decide on a name – so we are now the proud owners of ‘Elvis the Elddis’, as I’d spent the best part of a week saying ‘Elvis’ instead of ‘Elddis’ during conversations with Rachel!

“Unfortunately, just before collection day Rachel was admitted to hospital and couldn’t be with me to collect Elvis, so our son Joe dropped me off to collect. This also meant that we missed our first trip out the weekend after we collected, but that didn't stop us planning.

“Once Rachel was back home and feeling better we made plans for the remainder of 2021 and also booked loads of trips away for 2022 and even into 2023, with still more to book! We aim to use our Camper as much as our free time lets us.

“The CV is great for day trips, too, as we can go out and about, still park up without too much difficulty (as its only 6m long). We have all the benefits of the onboard facilities, so we pop back to the camper on daytrips for coffee, lunch or just to use the loo if we’re in the middle of nowhere!

“We also take Poppy, our rescue Labrador, with us - she also loves travelling and going away in the camper. She sleeps either between the front seats or in the dinette area.

“The layout for us is great, as we have the all the benefits of a separate dining area and sleeping area. So far, we’ve travelled to Falkirk, Edinburgh, Berwick upon Tweed, Yorkshire (twice), the Cotswolds, Eye Kettleby Lakes in Leicestershire, Clippesby Hall - with many more trips planned throughout the country.

“Hopefully we will venture into Europe via the Channel tunnel in 2023 and also see some family.

“We’ve had some amazing adventures so far, in such a short time, with so much more yet to come! Getting ‘Elvis’ is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and we’re loving Vanlife.”

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