We are pleased to announce that Chris Short is the new Managing Director of the Erwin Hymer Group UK.

Erwin Hymer Group is investing heavily in its Consett factory and Chris will drive forward these large-scale improvements to the manufacturing facility and business as a whole, delivering the benefits that its successful implementation will bring to our customers.

We are pleased to have Chris Short at the helm of Erwin Hymer Group UK as a motivating leader who can drive our company forward in a successful and sustainable manner, thanks to his extensive skills and expertise, coupled with his personal drive and determination.

With a total of 33 years‘ professional experience, Chris has extensive experience in a variety of industries – from automotive and consumer goods to electronics. He also knows the caravanning industry from the customer’s perspective: he has experienced the freedom mobile travel can offer on many holidays with his wife and three children aged from ten to 24.

Throughout his work across Europe, Asia, North America and the UK, he has always remained true to his roots in the North East of England, and has used the past few months to both complete his self-build house and get involved in a number of charitable projects locally. Chris is now looking forward to applying   the skills he has acquired over the years to Erwin Hymer Group UK, as the UK, as a manufacturing location, remains close to his heart.

We warmly welcome Chris Short to the Erwin Hymer Group, and wish him a good start and every success.