As lockdowns go, ours has not been as tough as many of our readers’. Bars and restaurants are still open until 6.00pm and, though we have been restricted to the area we are in, even that is lifting next week as the numbers across Andalucía continue to drop massively.  We will be allowed move around the whole province and explore more places before we head back to the UK.

Already, our friends and neighbours Helena, Judy and Alan have left, and we are now on our own on the campsite. We miss them a lot, but will be staying in touch as they journey home to the UK and Sweden respectively. We feel for all those who are now heading back to the UK, as the basic costs of the return have increased massively. You must get a Covid test before you leave and then a further two when you get back, costing £210 per person. If you go back through France, you have another €120 for a test there. Helena will need one at the French border and another for the German one so it is no longer easy or cheap to move around. Hopefully as the vaccine rollout covers more people this will change.

As we go for walks the spring flowers are so uplifting.

We will be able to visit some of Andalucía before we head back but we’re lucky that we are in a motorhome, as this allows us to travel in a Covid-friendly way as we are self-contained and naturally self-isolating.

This week’s highlight was Karen’s 60th birthday. It seems that most of the big numbers have fallen during the Covid pandemic and we look forward to being able to celebrate these notable dates next year with a fair wind and a jab or two.

Karen's 60th birthday, so our last bottle of Champagne we bought Jan 2020 comes out!

The weather has not been the greatest, with lots of wind and rain keeping us inside and preparing the van for the end of the European part of our adventure. On Wednesday we had booked a meal in a restaurant in Vejer to celebrate. The idea was to cycle there, but with over 40 mph winds we abandoned the bikes and ordered a taxi instead!

El Jardín Del Califa in Vejer.

Just so you know, when you order a taxi around here you pay for the journey for the taxi to get to the pickup point and then the journey to the destination. It was a very expensive trip, but so worth it. If you ever come to this area you need to go to the El Jardín Del Califa in Vejer. This Moroccan restaurant is lovely - great service and, more importantly, fantastic food. The whole setup is inspired.

More bubbles and the beautiful birthday girl.

Our shared starters: a little meze and Breuats made with ‘warka’ pastry. Yum!

Mini BBQ selection for David and Saffron leg of lamb for Karen.

Selection of Arabic pastries.

And lastly Delica del Califa. We did share!

After we got home we had some Zoom calls with the family back home, where presents were shown on screen and the family had used pictures taken from Buster as their backgrounds - even Pino the cat got a look-in! Not too bad a day!

The family Zoom call - thanks Claire for getting Pino in on the act!

The next day was overcast and cool, so we continued to prepare for our imminent departure by giving Buster a full-on spa day and he looked resplendent as the sun made a short appearance.

Buster polished and ready to move on - even the roof got a clean. Pino seems impressed!

For the past two months here, life has been as simple as it can be, long walks and cycles, the odd meal out and the cat! However, it is time to move on and see what we are allowed see here... Follow the local rules and stay safe.