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Happy Vanniversary to our Elddis campervanners, Traveling Van Life!


Traveling Van Life bought their Elddis campervan in late March 2022, and, ever since, have fully embraced campervan adventures.

Weekends and holidays, rain or shine, the trio (Mum Ewa, Dad Steve and Daughter Olivia) can be found exploring and thoroughly enjoying precious family time together.

Their Elddis campervan continues to tick all the right boxes. On choosing their Elddis Autoquest CV40 (Prestige Special Edition), Steve told us: “After sitting down and discussing our options we decided that a motorhome would be too big for us. What we needed was something suitable for narrow country lanes and the height restrictions of bridges etc, so we finally agreed on a campervan - easy to park in a normal parking bay and easy to navigate the trickiest country roads.

“We did consider the VW, but this was too small and we preferred something we could stand up in… and something with a bathroom!

“For this reason we decided on the Fiat Ducato and the Elddis CV40 has everything we wanted.

“It is just under 6m in length, ideal for parking, and, if we were to travel into Europe it would be the same price as a normal car for the ferry or Euro Tunnel.

“The CV40 is ideal for us as a family. It is a 4-seater but a 3-berth. The rear of the van converts into a double bed and the front lounge area into a single bed for Olivia.”

Since choosing Elddis, Traveling Van Life have travelled all the way to Croatia (via Switzerland and Italy) for the most epic of Summer holidays.

And not a weekend goes by without the family regaling us with superb photos shot the length and breadth of the UK.

Steve posted: “I think that one of the best things about having the van and travelling by road is the freedom deciding where you want to go, changing your mind last minute depending on the weather or where the views take you.

“That feeling of an adventure being on the road is amazing, not knowing what you’re going to see next out of your van window and just admiring the views.”

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The family continue to inspire us and the many, many #vanlife enthusiasts out there. Where to next?!..

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