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Elddis Owners’ Club raises £1,360 for RNLI


Following the Elddis Owners’ Club’s Grand Raffle at their AGM Rally - and totalling up all the money raised throughout the year – the Club were delighted to present a cheque for £1,360 to the RNLI.

The cheque was presented to Denis Readhead by Christine and Heath Jones, who are members of the Keyworth Community branch. The couple – long-time members of the Elddis Owners’ Club – are firm supporters of the RNLI and its services to the Country, constantly raising money for this worthy cause.


The RNLI is a national institution, with 238 lifeboat stations and crew safeguarding 257 beaches – all of which will be enjoyed by our leisure vehicle community on their travels – but many will not realise that the charity costs nearly £160M per year to run, saving lives at sea.

Denis Readhead, Water Safety and Community Presenter and Chairman of Keyworth Community Branch of the RNLI, says: “I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you on behalf of myself and the RNLI, to you and your members for the most generous donation of £1360 having been raised throughout the year in respect of the RNLI being your Charity of choice.

“I must also give a big thank you, not only for the hospitality shown, but also for the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone in making this a most enjoyable visit and occasion for myself, plus of course a pleasure to meet everyone on the day.

“A personal thank you must also be given to Chris and Heath Jones for all the work they do throughout the year and every effort they make in collecting funds for the RNLI.


“I know from personal experience that their Elddis caravan is often used as a base from which donations for the RNLI are collected at various country events, I think you could say a personal mission indeed and they are an absolutely invaluable asset to the RNLI.

“The RNLI continues to rely on voluntary contributions and legacies for income. It is only through kind gifts such as this that we can provide our volunteer lifeboat crews and beach lifeguards with efficient boats, equipment and training that are needed to save lives at sea.

“Last year, on average, our courageous lifeboat crews rescued 35 lives every day. We launched our service 8,868 times in the UK and Ireland saving 296 lives and rescuing a further 12,903.

“The fact we can’t predict how many times we’ll be called out, and with the demand on our service continuing to grow, planning for the future is always a challenge.

“Every pound donated goes towards the running of the service, whether it be building our Lifeboats or providing protective clothing for our brave crews who are ready to respond to any shout twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

“I’m sure that everyone now understands and has a better idea of how much it costs to build our boats and equip our crews. They are the best, and always try to live up to our title of being ‘The Charity That Saves Lives At Sea’.

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“Even so, we must not forget our inland water ways stations, not only the four on the River Thames, but Loch Ness, and now four on inland water ways in Ireland.

“On behalf of everyone at the RNLI I would like to say thank you once more for your amazing donation to our Charity along with our sincere appreciation of your support throughout the year, and hope that our thanks can be forwarded to all Elddis Owners Club members.

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