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Elddis Avante 868 Caravan Magazine Review


In the world of caravans, style, space, and comfort are paramount, and the 2024 Avante 868 by Elddis ticks all the boxes. This 8ft-wide, six-berth family caravan has received some exciting updates for the new year, making it an even more attractive option for those seeking adventure on the road.


The standout feature of this caravan is its spacious rear bedroom. It hosts a fixed French bed and two bunks, making it perfect for families with little ones. The clever layout of this unique bedroom arrangement is made possible by the extra width of the model. What’s more, there’s the flexibility to create a private en suite bedroom simply by closing the door that separates the kitchen and central washroom.

The 2024 Avante 868 boasts brand-new upholstery and eye-catching external graphics, elevating its visual appeal.

This stylish makeover not only enhances the aesthetics of the caravan but also contributes to a more enjoyable travel experience.

With these updates and its reputation for quality, the Avante 868 stands as an enticing choice for families and adventurers looking to hit the road in style and comfort in the coming year.

In the competitive world of caravans, versatility and convenience are key, and the Avante 868 exemplifies this. Its front lounge seats are a prime example.

They can effortlessly transform into a spacious double bed or remain as comfortable lounge seating for those with a smaller family, offering flexibility and adaptability to your needs.

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or just need a quick snack, the Avante 868’s fully equipped kitchen area has you covered.

It provides ample space for preparing anything from a speedy bite to a full family meal. With plenty of worktop area and ample storage, this kitchen ensures you have both room and convenience at your disposal.

The Avante 868 isn’t just about practicality, it also exudes style inside and out. Its eye-catching GRP Sunsation high-gloss white sides make a statement, turning heads wherever your adventures take you.


What truly sets this caravan apart, however, is its lower maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM), particularly noteworthy given its spacious 8ft width. This combination of roominess, style, and advanced technology makes the Avante 868 an irresistible choice for those who seek both space and elegance in their caravanning journeys.

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