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Elddis Autoquest 196 MMM Magazine Review

Elddis Autoquest 196

This family motorhome champions a versatile layout

This family motorhome won’t break the bank – you just need to choose who’s sleeping where…

It was not so long ago that family motorhomes followed a very prescriptive format. They had a bulbous overcab pod containing a double bed, there was an upright formal dinette in the front, maybe even two, and there were either fixed bunks or a lounge at the rear.

It’s fair to say that the advent of low-profiles with drop-down beds changed that significantly, as you no longer needed that large luton moulding over the cab.

Lounges have generally become more comfy, too, as those seat bases no longer need to double as bed bases. That’s not to say they’re not there for you when you need them, but it’s more of an occasional berth, for example.

In fact, British company, Elddis, completely rid itself of overcab models, sticking to low-profiles, of which this 196 is the most family orientated. It’s also the biggest model in the Elddis range, at 7.34m, that’s 24ft 1in.


It can sleep and travel six and, thanks to those two spacious lounge areas, even with a full complement on board on a rainy day, you won’t be living on top of each other.

When it comes to travelling, it’s likely that parents will be in the cab with the kids in the back. That dinette has four belts, with the two on the forward-facing section offering Isofix for younger kids.

This area is more than capable of seating the full family, too, with a long sofa opposite and cab seats that swivel, although the driver’s seat is tucked away behind the dinette. At mealtimes, you may have to dine separately, though; the removable table will accommodate four in this area. However, if there’s just four on board, you can use this area for mealtimes or for activities, leaving that rear lounge free for actual relaxing.

In terms of beds, the rear lounge makes into a double bed (it’s a good size at 2.08m by 1.47m), while the front dinette makes another smaller double (2.08m by 1.09m). However, the main reason to buy will be the double that drops down (electrically, so no effort required here) from above – it’s slightly shorter (1.85m) as the mechanism means the mattress is inset slightly, but it’s a generous width at 1.42m.

It’s a proper mattress, too, so we’d recommend that this is the grown-ups’ bedroom with the kids relegated to the back, unless you are happy to make up your bed in the evening (mattress toppers will come in handy in this instance).

Between the two you’ll find a great kitchen – plenty of worktop space, full cooker, decent-sized fridge – and a spacious washroom offering a modern feel, yet is functional enough for everyday use.

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