As the UK dives into the world of the ‘Great British Staycation’ many campsites are filling up quicker than ever and with wild camping illegal in England where can you stay when your favourite campsite is full, and your idyllic camping spot is illegal to stay at?

Grace Fell, from Northumberland, has the answer! She has created ‘Wild With Consent’ a website that connects campervan owners who want to stay off-grid to landowners who are happy to let them park up on their properties.  

The idea came after Grace travelled all over Scotland in her trusty Campervan lovingly known as ‘Tubs’. Scotland is one of Grace’s favourite spots, not just because of the beautiful scenery, but also the ‘right to roam’ rules, which mean you can pretty much park wherever you like.

Grace says “South of the border it’s effectively illegal to park anywhere other than a campsite, which makes it impossible to find those one-off, tranquil locations without any neighbours or noise. We know such places exist, as we are fortunate to have friends with some beautiful property. We also know that we would be willing to pay a premium for this type of location in the knowledge that we are welcome.”

Wild With Consent offers…

Exclusivity – They never allow two users to make use of the same site on the same night.

Seclusion – All the spots have been handpicked and explored by Grace. She knows the area and only chooses the most secluded, tranquil spots.

Consent – Sleep peacefully in the knowledge that you aren’t trespassing – all sites have full landowner permission.

“It seems like a crazy idea to set up a travel business in the middle of a pandemic. But we believe that exploring beautiful Britain, in an exclusive way, is only going to get more popular in the post-pandemic era, once people have realised the majesty which lies on their doorstep.”



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