Our Compass motorhome bloggers Marmalade Tour set off at the start of 2020 for a year-long family motorhome adventure ... but only a few months into their trip, COVID-19 stopped them in their tracks.
Having raced back through Germany and France to isolate in the UK, the Ballard Family turned down the offer of a house, preferring instead to isolate in the Compass motorhome to which they were accustomed and had already grown to love.
The Compass Avantgarde 196 has been the family's home for five months now. All their possessions have a home and the Ballards love the flexibility of the front and rear lounge. The space works for them, as they continue to homeschool, run their businesses and simply enjoy family life.
Ironically, the only thing they haven't been able to enjoy in their home on wheels is travel, staying firmly put, safe and secure on private land and following Government guidance.
Michelle and Scott tell us that the children are in their element and that, although COVID-19 has shocked and rocked the world - and turned their travel plans upside down - being in the motorhome is a hugely positive experience that they will always remember fondly.
Over the next few weeks they will tentatively explore their future travel plans and look forward to sharing the excitement and adventure that motorhome travel brings.

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