@travelingvanlife have only had their Elddis campervan since late March 2022, so looking through their photos you can see that the family have jam-packed fun and adventure into the past few weeks, with a real ‘start as we mean to go on’ attitude.

We caught up with dad Steve and found out how the purchase of a brand new Elddis Prestige CV40 campervan came about… and what the family’s travel plans are.Steve tells us: “I have always been interested in owning a motorhome for as long as I can remember!

“During the first Lockdown I started to watch YouTube videos about people who lived in their motorhomes and campervans.

“At the time my wife Ewa was not so much into watching them but my daughter Olivia was, so we would watch them all day and we were hooked!

“Eventually, and after some nagging, Ewa began to watch the videos with us and she, too, got the bug. Pretty soon, as a family we had our favourite channels and bloggers to watch, in a specific order. Gradually, in the space of 12 months, we discussed the possibility of buying our own motorhome.

“After sitting down and discussing our options we decided that a motorhome would be too big for us. What we needed was something suitable for narrow country lanes and the height restrictions of bridges etc, so we finally agreed on a campervan - easy to park in a normal parking bay and easy to navigate the trickiest country roads.

“We did consider the VW, but this was too small and we preferred something we could stand up in… and something with a bathroom!

“For this reason we decided on the Fiat Ducato and the Elddis CV40 has everything we wanted.

“It is just under 6m in length, ideal for parking, and, if we were to travel into Europe it would be the same price as a normal car for the ferry or Euro Tunnel.

“The CV40 is ideal for us as a family. It is a 4-seater but a 3-berth. The rear of the van converts into a double bed and the front lounge area into a single bed for Olivia.

“It has a small bathroom with toilet, shower and bin and a small kitchen area.

“After visiting a dealer local to where we live – Vehicles 4 Leisure - we liked not only the layout but the colour scheme unique to this Prestige dealer special edition.

“After returning home from the dealership, I set to work looking at all the possible options from all the dealers - as each dealer seemed to have their own bespoke special packs for their own campervans!

“After many days searching, we decided which dealer we would go with and chose Vehicles For Leisure (V4L) and our Elddis Prestige CV40.

“We also arranged an additional leisure battery and an upgrade for the solar panel controller box to a Victron. I also asked them to fit an additional 100w solar panel, giving us 200w of solar power. With the 2 leisure batteries and the 200w solar panel, we can go off gride for a few days at a time, if needed.”We told Steve how impressed we were with his pictures of the Yorkshire coast. It turns out that his parents live in Filey, so the family were keen to check out the beaches and show off their new Elddis to boot!

Looking ahead, Ewa is Polish and the family used to drive a few times a year to Poland before Lockdown. They’re heading back this year, in August, in the campervan and plan to make a few stops on the way driving through Europe – pictures we can’t wait to see!

Ewa is from Polkowice, approximately 1 hour over the German border and neighbouring our Erwin Hymer Group production plant in Nowa Sol: https://elddis.co.uk/news/erwin-hymer-group-in-nowa-sol-poland-leisure-vehicle-production-facility-becomes-aid-supply-hub-for-ukraine.The town, in Lower Silesia is close to the historic university city of Wroclaw, with its stunning medieval market square and criss-crossing network of canals.

If any of our ‘vanners are visiting the North of Poland, Steve and Ewa recommend you go to the coast: the Gdynia-Sopot-Gdansk ‘tri-port’ area – and definitely Hel, which, despite its off-putting name, is sheer paradise!Back to the UK and the family have booked Fishguard Bay Resort for May this year, a beautiful site in Wales, where they stayed many years ago.They have also been invited to show their van – and represent the Elddis CV community - in July at the Vanlife Festival, where over 400 people will be showing their vans off to thousands of visitors! So, if you like what you see of travellingvanlife’s adventures on Instagram and Youtube, see if you can meet up with them at Vanlife Festival, too!