We love to see what our Customers get up to in their caravans, motorhomes and campervans, sharing their news and travel reviews with you all – and last Friday something extra exciting happened… We had visitors!

Heather, Ricky and Poppy the dog – travelling in and blogging as Pearl the CV20 – were in the neighbourhood. After exploring Northumberland and the Scottish Borders in their Elddis Autoquest CV20 campervan, what better than seeing where their pride and joy was created?!

Ricky and Heather bought Pearl in June 2020, when our Retailers reopened after the first Covid Lockdown.

Being motorhomers already (and owning a Chausson at the time), they knew what they wanted and what would work better for them. Having spent much of their furlough time researching online, our campervan range was the resounding winner.

Heather and Ricky opted, like many of our Customers, to go for a retailer special edition of their favoured layout – the CV20 – and selected the Brownhills Evolution CV20, with its many value-added extras and gloss Black finish. ‘Black Pearl’ was born … or Pearl the CV20, as she’s better known!

Having collected Pearl from a snowy Brownhills in December 2020, the pair have wasted no time in getting out on the road and exploring the UK. Whilst both working, Heather and Ricky tend to stick to weekends away, but enjoyed 64 nights away between April and December last year and are hoping to do 80 or more this year. The adventures are coming thick and fast and Peal is ‘nigh uncatchable’!

Pearl has taken Heather and Ricky to all of the furthest points of the UK: Dunnet Head in the North, Lizard Point in the South, Nesses Point in the east and westerly Ardnamurchan.

Whilst work commitments – and having little Poppy on board – have kept Pearl this side of the high seas so far, they do plan to venture overseas for CV adventures in the future. Heather used to bike-tent and, whilst she’s hung up her leathers for now, she’d love to show Ricky her favourite places along the French Atlantic Coast. In the meantime, the less-wild Norfolk coast calls, followed by a further trip to see more of Scotland!

So, what do they love about their Elddis campervan – apart from Pearl’s stunning good looks?! It’s all about the freedom, they tell us, the spontaneity of being able to just jump in and go, often on a whim and without itinerary.

The CV20 layout also works particularly well for them, with its lounging space and lengthy bed set-up.

It’s also about meeting people – likeminded people – who equally enjoy such spur-of-the-moment adventures. The pair are also members of the fast-growing CV Owners group and love to meet and catch up with other Elddis and Compass campervan owners – they’re a fantastic bunch!

Heather and Ricky, we know, also enjoy their real ale – and our Emma is lucky enough to have a husband who works for Durham Brewery… so as well as presenting the pair with some Elddis-branded goodies to commemorate their visit, they also drove off with some proper local beer to enjoy on their night camping in beautiful Durham (where they're breaking the mould at a Chausson rally!).