Available now, from just £47,669 on-the-road


Erwin Hymer Group UK Ltd made an audacious return to the Campervan sector in 2018, with the introduction of its Elddis Autoquest and Compass Avantgarde CV ranges.

The initial line-up of 2-berth CV20 and 3-berth CV40 was supplemented last year with the addition of the ‘sofa-bed’ lounge 2-berth CV60, which was immediately crowned ‘Motorhome of the Year’, beating off stiff competition from across the entire motorised sector.

The full range of Elddis and Compass Campervans has won countless awards, becoming an overnight sensation and all 2020 Season products sold out fast, leaving Customers clamouring for more.

It’s clear to see why the Elddis Autoquest and Compass Avantgarde CV ranges are so popular: specification and equipment levels – designed specifically for the UK market – are on point; styling is sleek; options include Automatic transmission; and priced at just over £40,000 on-the-road, the Elddis Autoquest and Compass Avantgarde CV ranges are practically unbeatable.

But, until now, something has been missing … and here it is: The CV80 Pop-Top.

We have always wanted a pop-top roof layout as part of our Campervan portfolio – our objective being to create a true 4-belt, 4-berth Campervan with a chassis less than 6m.

In truth, until now we have not had access to the product or components that fit the bill, or that we’d be proud to put our name to and our reputation on the line. There are many manufacturers of GRP (Glass re-enforced plastic) pop-tops on the market. These tend to be expensive, not production friendly and can have a poor reputation when it comes to water ingress and quality.


Working with Erwin Hymer Group

This is where we turned to our Colleagues in the Erwin Hymer Group, now owned by Thor Industries. One enormous advantage of being part of the World’s largest motorhome manufacturer is the synergy in both product development and buying power.

Quite simply, we are able to provide the most suitable pop-top product at a competitor-busting price, creating an exciting new model to satisfy growing UK demand.

Investment in design, development and production has been intense. Group-wide the investment in tooling alone has been in excess of €1m.

Erwin Hymer Group’s new cutting-edge construction method, which our Elddis and Compass ranges will pioneer, uses LFI technology (Long Fibre Injection Moulding). This low-pressure injection moulding process allows for the production of lightweight, structurally rigid parts that are more accurately produced, providing a superior product and process to that of traditional GRP.

Erwin Hymer Group’s Pop-Top popularity is evident in Europe – Now the Group is leading the way with UK-Built Pop-Top Campervans

Our sister-brands in Germany are already established in the successful production and retail cycle of the Pop-Top Campervans. The projected output speaks volumes: Hymer (700 per annum); Sunlight (700 per annum); Burstner (600 per annum); Carado (400 per annum); Laika (230 per annum); and Etrusco (150 per annum). The production of EHG UK Campervans will take this total to over 3000 Pop-Top Campervans per annum, with the UK output including Elddis Autoquest CV80, Compass Avantgarde CV80, plus an exciting array of Retailer Special Edition variants.

Bringing this new LFI technology to the UK Market has seen teamwork on an unprecedented scale. We have worked with the EHG Campervan Competency Centre (based at Dethleffs in Germany) to understand the product in greater detail and to define the specification for EHG UK. Dedicated designers at both EHG UK and EHG in Germany have worked closely to coordinate the project from both ends. The team has managed this pioneering project in infinite detail to ensure the prototype pop up roof production dovetailed with the prototype build of the first Autoquest CV80, even when facing the constraints and hurdles of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Creating a Future Bestseller

It’s not just the pop-top roof itself that is causing excitement in the Campervan world. Elddis Autoquest and Compass Avantgarde CV80 models have been carefully designed to include all the USPs that already set these two award-winning ranges apart: ergonomic use of space – and plenty of it; comfort; style; equipment levels; drive performance and manoeuvrability; and, of course, price.

With the CV80 specifically, much consideration has been given to ease-of-access to the pop-top ‘loft’ space and sleeping comfort. A Midi Heki comes as standard above the access hatch, providing much-needed natural light in what could otherwise be a dark vehicle layout.

Elddis’ and Compass’ ongoing commitment to structural bonding, backed by the Companies’ industry-leading 10 Year Water Ingress and Body Integrity Warranty endures. With the CV80 pop-top, Erwin Hymer Group UK has worked with Henkel to ensure maximum adhesion of the pop-top roof and thus maximise water ingress protection.

The result of over two years’ of Erwin Hymer Group teamwork, synergy and investment: The all new family-friendly 4-berth, 4-belt Elddis Autoquest and Compass Avantgarde CV80 - available now, and priced from just £47,669 on-the-road.

Both the Elddis Autoquest CV80 and Compass Avantgarde CV80 are available in optional Slate Grey Metallic. The CV80 comes in 140BHP Manual transmission as standard, with 140 and 160BHP Automatic option.


Full details including: image library; 360 video tours; equipment and technical specification; options and prices; and our Get the Best Deal function are available at www.elddis.co.uk