And just like that, the world looks beautiful and autumnal again!

It's weird that we never seem to truly notice the transition, but our motorhome travels have slowed to a stop, as Covid closes great swathes of Europe again in its second wave, and we’re almost forced to look into the fine detail of our Lockdown surroundings.

We’re lucky to be safely pitched up in amongst some glorious countryside in Limoges, France, and whilst we can’t venture far from our (motorhome) door, there are some really beautiful walks to enjoy. We are at one with nature!!

Just a couple of days into our national lockdown in France we entertained ourselves with nature hunts and Halloween crafts, games, and movies.

The kids and the dogs are quite settled and content, despite how short our leads are! Within a kilometre there are so many incredible trees and we can forage for mushrooms, too.

Of course, unearthing the wrong type of funghi could be calamitous, so we've been using the Seek app to identify mushrooms and all sorts of wildlife around us for the last few weeks and we LOVE it. We were mega excited to find an Orange Peel Fungus and constantly have our eyes peeled for flora and fauna on our wanders.

If you love trying to identify wildlife, plants, fungi, etc all around you (adult or child), definitely download the Seek app - it's good fun – and it’s amazing what you can find when you take the time to really look.

Every day's a school day, we’ve learned - this is particularly true when you're travelling with children and dogs, and even more so when you're stationary in a different country for a while...

The last few weeks, the smallest members of our family – dog Dexter and human Riley have been responsible for us having to try to communicate the strangest of things to vets, pharmacists and doctors... Nothing too serious thankfully, but definitely nothing we ever learned in French class … and nothing to do with eating the wrong type of mushroom!

For now, Lockdown Life continues in the slow lane in France – and until restrictions are lifted, we’re quite enjoying this peaceful pace.

Marmalade Tour are travelling in a Compass Avantgarde 196 motorhome.