Rufus and Riley eating at the dinner table

UPDATE: At the beginning of the year Marmalade Tour - Mum Michelle, Dad Scott, Rufus and Riley set off for a year on the road as our Motorhome ambassadors and we know many of you have been following their adventure and enjoying their posts.

In the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic and following guidelines, the family has made the responsible decision to return to the UK and self-isolate in their motorhome, which is, effectively, their home for the next 12 months. They have been allowed to pitch up on friends' private land.

Marmalade Tour have already, in the course of their travels, been working, homeschooling and entertaining each other, with the motorhome as their four walls. They will continue to blog and vlog for us - and we hope you'll find this useful, too, as we all self isolate.

** Please note that Marmalade Tour have no plans to stay in any remote or isolated areas, nor put any undue stress on remote communities. We do not endorse or promote this behaviour of any of our Motorhoming Customers **

Stay safe everyone, look after each other and look forward to future motorhome adventures

Rufus and Riley playing in the motorhomeRiley playing with wooden toys in the motorhomes windowScott and Riley helping Rufus with his homeworkScott playing pipes in their motorhomes kitchenThe Marmalade tour family watching a film in their motorhome