As COVID-19 brought an abrupt end to The Grey Gappers motorhome voyage to Azerbaijan, the pair settled into the safety and security of Sundance Camp in Kemer, Turkey.

Over 10 weeks of Lockdown, they formed a community with other nomads and during this unprecedented period of isolation lasting friendships were formed.


As Turkey began to slowly and carefully lift its restrictions, Karen and David had a choice to make. They have decided that they want to cross the border into Greece and continue their explorations there - revisiting their favourite locations fro their previous Elddis motorhome adventures and discovering new sights.

Once in Greece they will start planning their onward journey and the route they want to take. This is, after all, a year-long expedition and there's so much more to enjoy as Europe gradually welcomes travellers.

Karen and David know the beauty of travelling by motorhome is the flexibility to change their plans and their route as they venture on, spending more or less time in each region and being completely spontaneous.

Perhaps they will meander up the Adriatic, taking in the ancient sites of Albania, the stunning vistas of Montenegro and the idyllic coves along the Croatian coast. Or perhaps a ferry from Greece to Italy and onwards to the Mediterranean?

In readiness, The Grey Gappers have travelled up the beautiful Turkish coastline, taking in the delights of Kas, Bodrum and Gulluk, the Lycian ruins, the turquoise sea and the cafe life that is emerging once again.

Leaving Turkey is bittersweet ... but the pair are pitched at Çanakkale and awaiting their next border crossing.