After a break for Christmas where we were able to visit friends along the Andalusian coast, we are back in Zahora in the area of Cadiz and this is where we will stay for the time being. We can only count ourselves lucky as our new revised lockdown is not as onerous as many other countries. We can still go out and enjoy a meal up until 6.00pm, with curfew from 8.00pm to 6.00 am.

This changes everyday depending on the statistics for the town you are in, a bit like the Tiers in the UK but is automatic. If Covid drops your town will have a lighter lockdown, so there’s a big incentive to take it seriously. That said we are following the restrictions very carefully; we are guests and though we can check out we will not be leaving for the time being.

As you all know, we do like to eat out quite a bit, but perhaps we don’t let you know that most of the time we actually eat in. ‘Buster’ our Elddis Encore 250, has after all has a fully equipped kitchen, and we can cook more or less anything in our home on wheels. This week we have had Beef Stew, (the local beef is fantastic from the market), roasted barbeque ribs out of the oven (Iberico Pata Negra pork), bacon and leek risotto and an amazing chicken and lentil curry to mention a few. If you would like any of these recipes drop us a line!

When is dinner?

Perfection straight out of the oven.

We will have been on the road for over a year by the end of the week and been out of the UK for 99% of that time. ‘Buster’ has been everything to us during this very peculiar year. Our transport, restaurant, living room, bedroom, most importantly our haven of safety, our HOME. Even with over 4 months of lockdowns we have covered over 12,000 miles in the van, visited 9 countries in 2 continents and it has performed beautifully.

Resting in Buster at Sunset

We are asked ‘how you can live in such a small space?!’ Well, it is easy, perhaps because it is so well designed and laid out. And in these strange times, it’s a blessing to be fully self-contained with toilet and shower.

As you may have read, it has got colder here in Spain. Daytime is fine, being around 15 -16 degrees, but at night-time it has dropped to as low as 3 degrees. Here, again, ‘Buster’s’ Alde (wet heating) system comes into its own. Essentially this is a mini condensing boiler like you would have at home, with a radiator running around the van. As well as working on gas it can use electricity, so we are proper toasty in the evenings, too! 

'Change in the Aire' by Lesley Parr a really good read.

As it seems I am doing a review, I may as well finish by mentioning the full-size double bed with a Hypnos mattress that allows me to sleep like a baby … but sometimes it seems I snore and Karen will flee to the other end of ‘Buster’ and use the other bed to get away from me!

Buster, by the standards of motorhomes, is not a small boy but for us is however perfectly formed. To be clear we have been loaned ‘Buster’ by Elddis and you may think our view is coloured by this. Plus, they have also said we can keep him through the coming months to explore further. This is our second Elddis adventure, having spent 18 months previously touring Europe in an Encore – and we speak from experience saying that Elddis ticks all the boxes for us.

Covid allowing we are looking at Portugal and as we must return to the UK by April due to Brexit, we will be looking to tour the UK. Our adventures have taken us all around Europe but the UK is somewhat a blank canvas, so that will be new for us.

For the moment we will stay in ‘Cadizfornia’ and enjoy the freedom it allows us. We can treat ourselves to the odd lunch out, walk for miles along beaches. We could even take up surfing! Also, if the virus stays under control in the area, I am hoping to be able to play some golf! Yes, ‘Buster’ caddies my clubs, too. It is truly amazing what you can do in a motorhome!

One of the spectacular views from our walks

OK, guess the plant Karen is modelling?!

Out for Sunday lunch

Some stunning views around here

Now, as we are now stopped again, our beloved cat ‘Pino’ will be looked after by us here at the campsite. Mind you, he now has more admirers as other motorhome begin to arrive. Hopefully he will not desert us for some Swiss or Swedish option. As soon as this latest lockdown ends he will be getting a pet passport. He’ll then stay with foster carers until we can take him back to a new home in the UK. Unless of course we can find a new home for him here in Spain… If you know of someone that would like to adopt the cutest cat let us know!  

Pino waiting for dinner

OK, thanks for the food … I am off!

Stay with us for 2021 and see what happens!