Home schooling and working parents! You are amazing!
'I can't believe you do this by choice!' and 'I don't know how you do this all the time!' are two of the things Marmalade Tour hear A LOT lately.
Mum Michelle and Dad Scott have spent the last year travelling (when not in lockdown) and living (even during lockdown) in a Compass Avantgarde 196 motorhome, with kids Rufus and Riley plus two - often badly-behaved dogs).
'Normal life' continues as they homeschool the children and deliver on work commitments, as both are self-employed.
How's that working out, you may well ask?...
"It is difficult, but we think our situation is easier than a lot of other parents are dealing with at the moment.
"We’re lucky we don't have to be present for 8 hours during the day for our employer. We don't have to be on the phone regularly throughout the day, and we don't have set school lessons to be at or to complete.
"We try as much as we can to work around family. We prefer to work at night and into the early hours. But sometimes one or both of us has to work in the day. When that happens we're met with constant interruptions and massive parent guilt!
"Almost two years in, we haven't mastered daytime working with kids at home... And don't even get us started on the logistic of keeping the children amused and quiet in a motorhome when we need to make calls to our clients! (we watch a lot of TV on those days!).
"So, if you're managing to somehow work a full or part time job, with your kids at home, be an ever-present parent, an ever-present employee, feed everyone and keep everyone relatively happy and occupied... Or, if you're not working and you're keeping yourself and your kids happy with the lack or variety, then you're doing an incredible job! ??"

Marmalade Tour are living and working in a Compass Avantgarde 196: https://elddis.co.uk/models/avantgarde-196