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Inspiration: Porto and the Douro Valley

Spend a few days enjoying the hustle and bustle of Porto, including Ribeira, the historic centre. Visit the Port Wine Lodges, tour the many galleries and museums and admire the views from above and below the Dom Luis I bridge.

Visit the nearby Afurada, an authentic fishing village and sample the seafood on offer at the cafes and restaurants there, then wind down with a stroll along one of the local beaches, like the golden sands at Estrela.

Head from coast to countryside. The Douro valley itself is a World Heritage Site, where you’ll discover some of the country’s best vistas and viewpoints. Sample some of Portugal’s premier wines at the ‘quintas’ and walk among the vines.

Visit the nearby towns of Amarante and Lamego, where you could climb the famous stairs of ‘Nossa Senhora dos Remedios’ for spectacular views and bragging rights!Picturesque Pinhao sits on a bend in the Douro river, framed by the terraced vineyards carved into the steep embankments.The Parque Natural do Alvão offers a variety of trails, with waterfalls and pools, as you head further into the heartland of rural Portugal.

Suggested sleeps:

Check out cheap or free overnight pitches on the Park4Night app: https://park4night.com/

Suggested eats:

You’ll need plenty of good food to accompany the abundance of fine wine and port, so try the region’s best slow roasted kid goat, Alheira sausage or Cozido à Portuguesa (an almost deconstructed stew of meat and vegetables). Bacalhau (salted cod) is always on the menu in various guises, along with trout from the Douro itself. No trip to Porto is complete without sampling the local speciality: the Francesinha. Out-frenching the Croque Monsieur, the Francesinha is a toasted/grilled sandwich with up to 5 different meats, covered in cheese, sometimes a fried egg, and swimming in a rich sauce… usually served with fries!

Don’t miss:

At the end of the Portuguese section of the Douro, just 2km from Spain is the riverside town of Barca d'Alva with quaint houses and an old, abandoned train station.If you’re looking to prolong your motorhome odyssey, the World is your oyster. Continue on to Salamanca, then head north to Basque Country or south east, via Madrid, to Valencia and the coast.