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Inspiration: La Route Napoléon – follow in the footsteps of the exiled emperor, through some of France’s most spectacular scenery - from Grenoble to Cannes.

After toppling from power in 1814, Napoleon was exiled to the Mediterranean island of Elba. Just a year later and running short of funds, he attempted to re-seize power, marching with loyal soldiers from Golfe Juan on the coast inland to Grenoble. La Route Napoléon is a journey that ultimately ended in his defeat at Waterloo, but what a spectacular route it is!

It took Napoleon and his men an entire week to trek the 325 km route. Today you can drive end to end in eight hours, but why rush when you can make such a fantastic motorhome roadtrip, with amazing places to explore en-route? Travelling South, departing from Grenoble, we suggest following the route in reverse, with your trip's finale on the Cote d'Azur.


Suggested sleeps:

Check out cheap or free overnight pitches on the Park4Night app: https://park4night.com/

Suggested eats:

It’s practically impossible to eat a bad meal in France and this region, Provence-Alpes- Côte d'Azur, boasts may of its own specialities. Grenoble goes nuts for walnuts and cheeses in the region tend to veer more towards the goat and ewes’ milk varieties.

Standout dishes include Bouillabaisse – a fish broth with usually at least four types of fish and lashings of croutons and rouille. Daube is a Provençal beef stew, the meat slowly braised in red wine, vegetables, garlic and herbs and served with polenta or gnocchi. Aïoli – the garlicky mayonnaise – is more likely than not to be on the menu and those with a sweet tooth will devour the local nougat.

Don’t miss:

Les Gorges du Verdon. Whether you view from the ‘corniche’ route above or from a kayak below, the deepest gorge in France is a must-see.