Our family of Compass motorhome bloggers, Marmalade Tour, remain in France for the time-being where the lock-down has been lifted and replaced with a curfew.

Previously, they needed to have a declaration in order to go outside and at one point could only venture a kilometre for walks, creating a very well-trodden path in the now very familiar territory around their motorhome.

Now mum Michelle, Dad Scott, kids Rufus and Riley and the family’s two dogs can go as far as they like during the day and can even travel between regions as long as we respect the curfew.

Four months in France in Lockdown has been less challenging than they imagined, with the enforced strict rules broken up by country walks, trips to the supermarket and lots of work! (Michelle and Scott continue to work remotely from the motorhome).

The run-up to Christmas saw a week of C's for Marmalade Tour! Cleaning, clear out, cooking (with chef Rufus) and Christmas crafts. And when they say clear out, they mean it. They’re being ruthless and getting rid of anything that's not absolutely essential - again! 

Christmas itself was great fun, with a veritable feast cooked up in the Compass and Rufus and Riley’s decorations adorning the ‘van.

The excitement has continued, with the arrival of snow and more opportunities for fun and games!

Marmalade Tour are now planning and preparing for the next challenge in their vanlife adventure, cautiously monitoring the ever-changing travel guidelines and restrictions, so when it’s safe to motor on they’ll bid ‘au revoir’ to France.