Almost a year ago, our Elddis motorhome bloggers The Grey Gappers set off on their epic voyage from Greenwich, London to Baku, Azerbaijan.

After a year of fastidious planning and much anticipation and excitement, the duo set of on the voyage of a lifetime: Champagne to Caviar.

Keen to make headway, after Reims, the Champagne capital of the World, they pushed through Europe, planning to make it out to Central Asia before the intense heat of Summer and then relish the slow route back through countries they had not yet explored.

Little did they know that the Coronavirus pandemic had fast become a Worldwide issue and Turkey was about to become their Lockdown home, as they were instructed to ‘shelter in place’ for several months.

So much time spent in Turkey was never part of the original itinerary, but Baku was off the travel agenda. Summer spent in the searing heat of the Turkish sun at Sundance Camp sounds idyllic, but local restrictions, such as not being able to cool off in the river or in the sea, stifled some of their stay. Nonetheless, David and Karen made friends with some of their fellow Lockdown motorhomers and a small, isolating community was formed.

Once Lockdown and travel restrictions were lifted, the bloggers’ newly re-named Coronavirus Tour 2020 allowed the pair to hit the road once more, closely following regional rules and requirements, to continue adventure travelling in the ‘New Normal’.

The Grey Gappers have since spent the year exploring Greece, Serbia, Italy, France and Spain in their Elddis Encore 250, which has been their home-from-home throughout.

As the ‘Second Wave’ has forced widespread European-wide lockdown and further restrictions, David and Karen have settled in Spain, at Zahora near Cadiz. Cape Trafalgar offers spectacular beaches and forested areas where they can run, swim and cycle whilst remining safely within their ‘exclusion zone’.

What the New Year will bring remains to be seen, but The Grey Gappers may explore Portugal, or perhaps Morocco, depending on changing travel advice… and will always have a Plan B up their sleeve. The beauty of motorhome travel is flexibility and the possibility of changing routes and plans at the last minute.