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Why Choose Elddis

Motorhome Safety

Elddis Motorhomes are amongst the safest Motorhomes on sale in the UK


All bench seating in Elddis motorhomes for 3+ berths have fully-homologated, foldaway belted travel seats for travel >>

Elddis makes the safety of passengers travelling in their Motorhomes an absolute priority, even to the point of being the only UK Motorhome Manufacturer who always ensures that there is a seat belt for EVERY designated sleeping berth in EVERY model that it produces.


Belts = Berths

The seat belts and frames in Elddis Autoquest, Accordo and Encore motorhomes have undergone extensive testing to ensure they are safe and fully compliant with all the European Safety regulations currently in force.

In order to ensure that the seat belts and frames are safe they have been tested by the supplier AL-KO ( who supply many major UK & European manufacturers ) at their authorised test house in Germany. These tests are witnessed by representatives from R. Plus Luxembourg and the TUV in Germany in order for the seat belts and frames to be granted European Type approval.


Crash Testing

The test is a simulated crash test where the force applied to the seat belt and frame is calculated taking into account the deceleration which occurs in a 70mph crash, the weight of 2 Adults sitting in the seats, and the weight of the frame itself.

The frame is fitted onto a test rig which is constructed around the Motorhomes chassis and the seat frame as supplied by Elddis. The loads applied can be a high as 4500kgs (4.5 tonne) and these are applied to simulate the rapid loads applied in a crash situation.


EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Even after all this testing the final Motorhome must be inspected by the Type approval body which grants Elddis Autoquest, Accordo and Encore Motorhomes their European Whole Vehicle Type approval

The Vehicle Certification Agency ( VCA ) also ensures that all surfaces within the passenger seating zone will not cause any injury to the passengers in the event of an accident.

All Elddis Autoquest, Accordo and Encore Motorhomes are European Whole Vehicle type-approved, proving that all the necessary testing has been carried out and witnessed by Independent Engineers from the UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) thus giving all Elddis customers the complete reassurance that their safety comes first when Elddis consider the development on any new Motorhome.

Back in 2009 , Elddis became the first UK manufacturer to gain EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval for all our Motorhomes, with certification via the UK's world renowned type approval body, the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Motorhome safety is a crucial factor to consider when buying a new motorhome and there is no higher standard awarded than European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. A host of stringent regulations and European Directives govern the design and safety of all road vehicles and the systems they contain and this approval covers virtually every component of the base vehicle as well as the conversion.

In order to gain the approval, a sample vehicle of every type must be inspected and approved by a Type Approval Engineer from the VCA. The VCA then verifies that there are Conformity of Production systems in place to ensure all production models continue to comply with all the necessary legislation.

Each vehicle carries a unique Vehicle Identification plate and a Certificate of Conformity.