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Why Choose Elddis

Design and Development

When we create a caravan or motorhome, our Customers’ needs come first and our goal is to provide you with a home-from-home holiday experience, with everything you need to make the most of your leisure time and holidays. Key to successful design is specification, style, safety, use of space and, of course, total Customer satisfaction.

We work hard to reduce weights and we make sure the finished product is competitively priced. We benchmark our product against our competition to ensure that we continue to offer class-leading features and benefits at the best price.

We also understand that the overall look and feel of our product is a major part of your decision-making process. Our team travel Europe to source the best fixtures and fittings and innovative specification unique to us. Our ranges are renowned for their modern design and the flair of our design team is apparent in every range.

To design the perfect caravan or motorhome, we have to understand our Customers. To gain insight into our Customers’ requirements and to create truly Customer-led product we immerse ourselves in research. We camp with our Customers, we encourage feedback and create opportunities for interaction, we host forums and we’re always happy to listen. Some of our biggest improvements and exciting innovations have developed from direct Customer feedback.

Once we have decided our product strategy, we create a Customer-led detailed design brief for each and every model. Our aim is to maximize space and storage, practicality and the ergonomics of each model, whilst maintaining the signature style of each range.

Next come conceptual drawings and 3D renderings, where our new creations really start to take shape. Detailed engineering drawings are then produced so our highly trained designers can begin to transform concepts into reality and our latest innovations and our advanced materials technology are implemented.

We then make full size mock-ups to enable us to conduct more thorough testing and make further improvements. With a full size mock-up we can put each model design through its paces. Does the space work and ‘flow’? Does every feature do what it is designed to? What could we move or add or change to make the design better? Only once we are happy with these full-size mock-ups do we progress to building prototype vehicles. We build one of every single caravan and motorhome model for the season and these vehicles are subject to rigorous testing throughout our manufacturing process and vehicle evaluation system. Further specific testing is then carried out, including thermal cold chamber testing and endurance testing on Europe’s most stringent test tracks.

Finally, our caravan and motorhome ranges are subject to homologation and quality standard testing, where our products are awarded NCC (National Caravan Council) approval and European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. We are also proud to hold ISO9001 accreditation.

As our finished caravans and motorhomes are ready to be launched and make their debut, our team of researchers and designers have already started to work on next year’s ranges. Our continued success and commitment to Customer-led design is only possible with ongoing Customer interaction and we believe that Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer owners can help shape the future of our leisure vehicles.

Our Customers are encouraged to post reviews of their new caravans and motorhomes on our website and sign up to our regular e-News Bulletin to find out about events and opportunities to get involved.