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SoLiD Construction


Elddis Track Testing

SoLiD Construction is exclusive to our brands: Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer. This fully-bonded construction is World-class ... and built to last.

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SoLiD Dryness Featurette

SoLiD Construction - find out how Elddis vehicles are DRIER

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Caravan Times - SoLiD Construction

Caravan Times interviews the Elddis team about SoLiD Construction

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SoLiD construction update

A year since its launch, discover the impact of SoLiD Construction.

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SoLiD Testing and Product Development

The Elddis team head to Germany for latest tests.

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Access All Areas! Track testing in Germany

Caravan Times joins us to get the inside info on SoLiD Construction testing.

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