Wendy has wanted to visit Haworth for years. Wuthering Heights is her favourite book - I’m also a fan.

We parked at the Ponden Mill campsite. http://www.themillatponden.com/index.php/camping Its a lovely spot just off the main road with a very nice walk up on to the moors above the reservoir. 

We had dinner at the Wuthering Heights Inn http://www.thewutheringheights.co.uk - It was the name that did it! 

Haworth itself is a charming place - the steep hill down through the town is very familiar to anyone that remembers the 1970’s Hovis advert …or the even better Two Ronnies parody.

The Parsonage/Brontë Museum (https://www.bronte.org.uk) was wonderful. Not only a lovely garden and house but really steeped in history. We all loved it. I’ve never been in any other historic building and had such a strong sense of the people who once lived there. Beautifully eerie. It’s one of those places that affects you and sparks a really interest in the Brontës as a family. Quite a tragic lot when you scratch the surface.

There was a specially composed music guide to accompany a walk up onto the moor above the town. It was great to walk along listening to music that was written specifically for the landscape you are walking through. 

Family favourites in the town were a cool little vintage shop, another shop called ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, a cafe/tearoom/pottery called ‘Cobbles and Clay’ http://www.cobblesandclay.co.uk

The food highlight for us was The Hawthorn - https://www.thehawthornhaworth.co.uk Fabulous food, relaxing atmosphere, one of those places that really stands out. Great decor and lovely staff. 

We took a drive up over the moor to Hebden Bridge. The scenery is still very much as Emily Bronte expertly described. Wendy and I enjoyed it for that alone, but the kids felt that it wasn’t as impressive as Rannochmoor. "True, but that’s not where Wuthering Heights was set"…

One particular Kate Bush song was pretty much on repeat for most of the drive! *


* Interesting fact: Emily Brontë and Kate Bush share the same birthday, 30th July, with exactly 140 years separating the pair...