We are Matt and Gemma Walters, AKA Walters Wardens - as we work for the Caravan and Motorhome Club ... as site wardens!

We have vlogged about our journey from a 'normal' life (living in a flat, doing normal jobs etc) to becoming wardens for the Club. We are coming to the end of our first season and have had an amazing time.

So whats next for us?.. Well, we're going on another journey next year. We are moving from a caravan to a motorhome - a brand new Elddis Encore, no less, and that will feature in our forthcoming vlogs.


How it all started:

We were stuck in the rat race, up very early for the commute to work and most evenings home at 7pm. It was a case of eat, sleep, work, repeat. Our getaway at weekends was to escape in our caravan to a small CL site less than 10 miles from home - it was peaceful, back to basics and off grid, something we loved!

We needed to change our dreaded routine, so following a conversation with a Caravan and Motorhome Club Site warden we put in a tentative application to become assistant wardens. I say "we" ... but that's a bit of a fib. It was Gemma that applied and filled out both applications! A few months went by until we were contacted by the Club. We entered the application process and here we are fast approaching Christmas 2017 we're on our 3rd site (Abbey Wood in London). This is single handedly the best thing we've ever done and we're so happy!


In 2018 we become Motorhomers:

Our journey continues in 2018, when we go from being caravanners to motorhomers. We've ordered an Elddis Encore 255 (due March 2018).

This is an exciting time, too, for Doris (our cheeky little Cavapoo). She'll be with us every step of the way, so a dog-friendly motorhome is a must. Our new Elddis Encore has PetFriendly fabric as standard, so should be reassuringly Doris-proof!

So why Elddis? The layout and the spec fits our requirements perfectly. Also the Elddis reputation is a big tick - as is our dealer, Sussex Caravan Centre. Their approach to Customer Service is amazing and they'll do anything to keep the Customer happy.

We decided to vlog (video blog) our journey from leaving everyday life to becoming assistant wardens and everyday life, so step into our world and follow our journey.



We now have our very own section of the Elddis HUB - so you can follow our progress and adventures in our brand new Encore, right here!

Thanks for following!

Matt, Gemma and Doris x