If we’d known that four months ago we’d be writing this blog, we wouldn’t have believed you! We’re now part of the Elddis Family and our dream just got very real!

So, how come we're headed to Europe in an Elddis on a 6-month snow-chasing adventure-filled road trip?..

Winterized: That's me - Hannah - and my partner, James.


Here's how it's done:

1) Decide, almost on a whim, that you'd like to spend next winter in the mountains.

2) Consider that snow can be sketchy so road tripping is the way forward

3) Discover that either a) this is almost impossible to do because everything is too difficult or b) road tripping the Alps is the best kept secret in snow sports.

4) Ignore 3a) and draw up budgets and a project plan.

5) Get jolly peeved about the amount of trawling we're having to do on the internet to find any useful information at all

6) Go to the pub with motorhome friends and discover that it isn't impossible but it is a secret.

7) Go home and decide that secrets are rubbish and we're going to let the cat out of the bag.


So, we contacted British motorhome manufacturer Elddis to see if, together, we could do something.

'Why is everyone telling us we can't do this?' we asked.  'Why is everyone saying that motorhomes aren't suitable for deep winter touring? Why do people put their motorhomes into hibernation over winter and not use them for adventuring?'

The Elddis Autoquest 185 - our wheels for the Winter!


Elddis explained how their vehicles are Grade III Thermal Insulated and showed us the extreme testing they are put through, including cold chamber testing at Whale's test center in Bangor. Whilst their motorhomes are designed for '365' use, not all Customers do motorhome all year round - so Elddis were curious to see how we would maximise potential with our Winterized adventure.

And then they handed us the keys to a brand new Elddis Autoquest!

A few tweaks would need to be made to see us through the worst (or in our view, best!) of the weather. Elddis added their Winter Pack and we've opted for snow tyres and chains. The guys at Motorhome WiFi have kitted us out so we can blog wherever we pitch up.

Our plan is to motorhome through France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, proving the Autoquest's capabilities as we review each region's resorts and facilities. We'll be blogging, vlogging, 'gramming and Tweeting our views and reviews from our 4000 mile trip, with help and advice for skiers and boarders who are considering a motorhome snow sports holiday.

Meeting the Grey Gappers (David and Karen) at The Caravan and Motorhome Show at NEC Birmingham was fun - and they've been a great source of advice and info to us since!


We've followed and admired the Grey Gappers, who've just returned from an epic 18 month tour through Europe in a fancy fandango Elddis Encore. In effect, we've been handed 'the blogging baton' by Elddis. We've been given a big responsibility - and David and Karen have big boots to fill, as they proved so massively popular.

Our ferry is booked, the mountains are calling ... so over the next few months follow our adventure and live Winterized!