The 2018 Elddis Avanté range sees all new models in both single-axle standard-width and twin-axle 8ft-width varieties. Additionally, as a result of the success of last season’s 8ft-wide models, we have increased the choice with the introduction of the all-new Avanté 860.

Above: 2018 Elddis Avanté 554

The brand new Avanté 462 model is an exciting new layout for the 2018 season. This model boasts a rear kitchen and dresser which are light and well-equipped, and there is a spacious front lounge that can easily be converted into a sizeable double bed. The side bathroom offers a ‘boutique’ washbowl basin complete with swan-neck mixer tap and click-clack plug. This tardis-like model uses a unique layout to create a spacious yet homely van.

Above: 2018 Elddis Avanté 462

The Avanté 860, an 8-foot wide model built on an AL-KO Galvanised steel chassis, houses a central bathroom that can be used to create an en-suite environment. The fixed transverse bed at the rear can be retracted to create even more floorspace during the day, whilst still providing a comfortable, roomy bed at night. These factors, coupled with the spacious front lounge, make this new model an ideal choice for both families and couples alike.

Above: 2018 Elddis Avanté 860

Our Avanté 550 model, a 4 berth single-axle caravan with island bed, was rated 5 stars by one user, who had the following to say:

“We are now into our 4th year of Caravanning and onto our 3rd Caravan. I don't think we will be changing our van again anytime soon. We purchased the Avanté 550 and it was the best investment we ever made.

“The Avanté is easy to tow, the Alko ATC gives you great peace of mind. The Alloy wheels and trendy decals make the Avanté look really nice too.

“Inside, my wife loves the colour scheme but the reason we bought this model is the fixed Island bed and mid-ship bathroom.

“We love this model and are looking forward to making some great memories in it.”

Above: 2018 Elddis Avanté 550

Full details of each Avanté layout can be found on our website alongside a full gallery of images and a 360° virtual tour. Our 2018 products are available from our Elddis approved retailers located throughout the UK, and to find your local Elddis retailer and ‘Get the Best Deal’, simply follow the link below:

All Elddis caravans are fully-bonded using SoLiD Construction. This industry-leading structural bonding is proven to be Strong, Light and Dry and is backed by a 10 Year Body Integrity and Water Ingress Warranty. To find out more, click the link below: