We are thrilled to have won an unprecedented level of awards in the Caravan Magazine’s Caravan Awards 2017.

The Caravan Awards, brought by Warners Group - publishers of Caravan Magazine - celebrate the very best design and innovation of the new Season.


Tourer of the Year 2017 – Compass Casita 866

‘The brilliant Compass Casita 866 won the top prize this year. Its new layout brings a new dimension to family caravanning. It delivers style and space in equal measure. Above all, it’s very practical.

above: Caravan Magazine's Val Chapman presents M.D. Rob Quine with the coveted Tourer of the Year'' Award for the unique Compass Casita 866


‘Congratulations go to Compass, for the invention of a layout that brings a new dimension to family caravanning. The winner of our Caravan of the Year Award 2017 is the brilliant Compass Casita 866.

‘The Casita 866 delivers space and style in equal measure, along with bucket-loads of that essential ingredient: practicality.

‘This winning combo is partly down to the extra-wide body which measures a full eight feet across (2.45m). The extra width gives a real sense of ‘domestic spaciousness’, eradicating any caravan claustrophobia and enhancing a sense of comfort, even luxury. Those extra inches mean that bunk beds, a small children’s dining the area and a full- sized shower room are all lined up across the rear of the caravan.

‘A large, C-shaped family dining area is opposite the kitchen, and the lounge is impressively long and wide. This fabulous layout wouldn’t have been possible in a caravan of standard width. It’s a game-changer.


‘This winning layout features in three new models in the Group’s 2017 portfolio: the top-spec, luxurious Buccaneer Galera, this Compass Casita 866, plus the superb Elddis Avante 866.

‘All the models have three seating areas and beds for six. Importantly, you don’t have to stretch to the top-spec Buccaneer Galera price (£31,699) to get the 866 layout; the Avante´ and Casita versions are more than £10,000 cheaper at just £21,499 on-the-road’


Innovation of the Year – The ‘866’ Layout

Well, you might have guessed by the praise heaped on Tourer of the Year Compass Casita 866 that this unique and exciting new layout has got the industry talking and Customers buying.

It is this layout – found in the Compass Casita 866 and sister models Elddis Avante 866 and super-luxury Buccaneer Galera – that walks away with the award for Best Innovation of 2017.

“This is a true innovation”, says Caravan Magazine, “nothing like it has been seen before!

“It’s cleverly designed, creating four distinct zones: lounge, dining area, the kids’ bunks-and-seating area, and shower room.

“The layout is a giant step forward in caravan design, creating models that will widen the appeal (literally!) of touring caravanning.

“That’s why it’s the winner of our Best Innovation for 2017 award!

“Our congratulations go to the Explorer Group for a really special innovation.”


Best Caravan for Seasonal Siting

  • Buccaneer Commodore – for its secluded bedroom and spacious central shower room layout


Best Couples Lightweight Caravan

  • Xplore 554 – for its excellent transverse bed layout at a very affordable price


Best Family Caravan Layout - Twin Axles

  • Elddis Avante´ 866 / Compass Casita 866 / Buccaneer Galera – for this layout’s awesome space!


Rachel Moncrieff, Marketing Manager for Elddis, Compass, Xplore and Buccaneer says: “We are understandably delighted to have won such key awards for our latest 2017 Season models, with the potential of yet still more to come!

“Caravan Magazine reviews a vast array of caravans and puts their shortlist through the most rigorous of tests. The judging team are all caravanners themselves, with a wealth of experience behind them.

“They also have a strong commercial sense of what our Customers want and what sells – and this is certainly reflected in their winners announced so far: the Compass Casita 866 as ‘Tourer of the Year’ and our unique new ‘866’ layout as the standout ‘Innovation of the Year.’

“We are, of course, just a few months into 2017 Season, which launched back in September. For this year we have completely revitalised the Compass brand, with the launch of three spectacular new ranges: Casita, Capiro and Camino. Customer reaction to these new ranges has been overwhelmingly positive and, we’re excited to say, we have appointed several more Compass Retailers who will no doubt benefit from this surge in demand.

“The 866 layout, which can be found in the form of the ‘Tourer of the Year’ Compass Casita 866, as well as the Elddis Avante 866 and Buccaneer Galera, is one of our greatest successes to date.

“We have established ourselves as the go-to brand for family caravans and are innovators in unique but highly-usable layouts. And of course this layout would not be achievable without the design flexibility of an 8ft-wide caravan.

“It certainly feels like we have successfully embraced a growing sector of the caravan market and these two fantastic awards from Caravan Magazine consolidate our success so far.”