This month we have travelled across the north of Spain from Galicia in the northwest, to Basque country in the northeast, meeting up with friend on the jorney. Now back on our own for while we are heading across Spain along the Pyrenees to Barcelona.


The Village of Sos del Rey Catolico. Our 100th overnight stopping point since January.


NiKi, our most lovely motorhome, has performed amazingly. In up to 42 degrees, covering some very rough roads and climbing up to over 1500 metres without any hesitation, deviation or repetition. During the week we hit the 10,000 miles mark and have stayed at our 100th stop on the journey.

NiKi has brought us to what could be called the moon, but is in fact a manmade desert, covering over 450Sq Kms. This was not formed in the past 20 or 30 years but over 1000 years back. Though barren, it is very lovely. Oddly enough the route we were allowed to drive through was in a circle around a bombing range for the Spanish air force. And yes they were bombing away as we drove.

Poor NiKi got covered in a thick layer of dust so David who really wanted to see the place, then had to wash and dry her, back to looking new again.


Javier, a stop on the way to Anso, a medieval Castle straight out of the story books.


We headed to a spot call Anso, yet another Bonito Pueblo where friends of ours Julie and Jason visited in November. It was not as sleepy now but not that busy either, though it was their fiesta day while we were here. The locals dressed up in historic costume and had lots of fun great to be part of.


The locals all in traditional costume, and dancing the local dances


When driving the van here make sure you look up! There are no warnings of the overhangs that could open the van like a tin of sardines…


It is amazing where a motorhome can get you. We have driven up roads that are just wide enough for the van and then parked up and cycled on to see the views only to find and van as big as NiKi trundle by.

But having a motorhome gives us the freedom to go anywhere in the countryside. We stay where we like and meet great people, see stunning places and eat amazing food.

Here’s to the next 10,000 miles!