We are now five months into our Elddis motorhome ‘Gap Year’, and it is still an amazing adventure with each day bringing something new.

We have driven over 10,000 kilometers. Click here to see the route...

We have cycled at least 1,200 kilometres.

We have walked about 10 km a day on average.

We have used 1222 litres or just under 269 Imperial gallons of diesel. Total cost €1,226.35. (It pays to know – the cheapest fuel was €0.918c per litre in Salamanca and the most expensive €1.208 in Portugal).

We have bought 104 litres of gas, at a total cost of €61.83. Both Safefill tanks are full at the moment!

We have stayed at 26 Aires, nine of which charged an average price of €12, the rest being free.

We ‘freedom camped’ 4 times, the longest stay being three nights.

We have stayed at 25 campsites at average price around €22 a night

To see all the places where we have stayed, click here. We have gone through each one to give a short review and the GPS Co-ordinates. We hope it might help fellow travellers!


This is the trip of a lifetime and we have been saving for the trip for 8 years, so our budget is a generous one … That said, it is a budget, and we are spot on as we write this at the end of May.

This excludes the replacement bike we had stolen and the replacement iPhone for the one David dropped down the loo… These have come out of contingency funds as you can’t really get insurance for that sort of item on health cover.

This is also a culinary tour so we have eaten out more than most, we think. But that said, Karen is 4kg lighter and David is 10kg lighter – perhaps the walking and cycling are helping keep the pounds at bay!

We went to school to learn Spanish for the first two weeks of the trip as we are here for the year. We also had lessons before we left but have failed miserably to pick up the language. But we will keep trying!

At the start of the trip many asked ‘Why only Spain? You will be bored!’ Well after 5 months we feel we are only scratching the surface and that perhaps a year will not be enough to fully explore this great country.

The Elddis Encore has proved very good indeed and we want to have the bed fitted into our house when we get back as it is the most comfortable sleep ever!!!

Tomorrow friends are coming down to see us for four days, so little golf for David and catching up for Karen.

We hope you continue to enjoy the blog and we love to hear from readers, so if you have questions please contact us.