"My aim is not to show pictures or Tweet ‘this is my pizza I’m eating’!! but will be based more on the film and book –Julie and Julia- where a wannabe American writer decided to cook one recipe each day from the infamous chef and personality Julia Childs book- Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

I am not - and for those who know me well will agree - able to cook a recipe from Rick Stein's Spanish book each day- least of all in a motorhome, no matter how well equipped!

However - and despite my culinary failings - I am a huge food lover and eater!!

In this blog I will showcase the delights of Spanish food, regional changes whether that be with restaurant meals or our own Spanish cooking from the many wonderful spanish markets on offer around the country. 

There will of course also be the funny disasters where we might have ordered a pile of sheep brains due to our poor Spanish. Or it might be meal/snack/breakfast taken in a wonderful location that will make you all jealous. 

We will be visiting all the restaurants that Rick went to in Spain and doing our own review –you might remember the wonderful looking oxtail in Pamplona and hopefully we will make our own Spanish discoveries.

As a completely addicted spice girl (OK, more mature person) there will be some of our own home favourites where we just have to have some ‘normal’ favourites from home and these we might also share with you.

Speaking as only really a moderate drinker I will also try and share with you the delights of Spanish wine and sherry – you can be assured I will try my very best on this difficult subject....