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A series of Towing related questions and answers.

Q: What maximum weight of caravan can I tow?

A: That depends upon the kerbweight of your tow car. Some caravanners prefer to limit the actual laden weight being towed to no more than 85% of the tow car kerbweight, but you can legally tow to a max of 100%.

Your car Manufacturer's manual should quote your maximum towing limit and its recommended nose weight.

Q: What is nose weight, why does it matter and how can I check it?

A: Nose weight is the download on a tow bar caused by the weight of your caravan when hitched. Remember, this is not the maximum weight of your caravan, as the weight is distributed between the axle wheels (2 or 4) and the jockey wheel. Noseweights vary by range and model and are stated on the weightplate of the caravan. Check your weight by supporting the coupling head on your bathroom scales, ensuring that your caravan is level at all times.

Q: What, if any, special equipment is needed on my car by law, to tow a caravan?

A: A towing bracket with a 50mm tow ball, 13-pin plug and socket (or suitable adaptor) and a third number plate to go on the back of your caravan are all legal requirements. With effect from 1 October 1982, UK law also requires that a safety device be fitted to a permanent part of the tow bar structure. This is to provide protection in the event of separation of the main coupling whilst in motion and a breakaway cable must also be used where fitted. In addition, extended towing mirrors are highly recommended because you must have an adequate view to the rear of your towing unit.

Q: How can I avoid excessive caravan snaking when I tow and what should I do if it starts?

A: We have extensively tested our chassis and we are confident of its stability. However, many other factors can influence your towing unit. When loading your caravan put heavy items low down and mainly over the axle(s). You should not stow tins, bottles or heavy items in overhead lockers, during towing. Everything else should be distributed evenly around your caravan, front and back, and each side of the centreline. Make sure to end up with a suitable nose weight.

Should snaking start, if at all possible don't brake and don't compensate by steering into the swings. Just ease up on the accelerator and allow your speed to gradually decrease until the snaking subsides.

NB: ALL Elddis, Compass and Buccaneer caravans come with AL-KO ATC as standard (optional extra on the Xplore Range). This is a highly respected anti-snaking, traction control device from our chassis provider, designed to enhance and improve your towing experience.