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Digital TV set-up guide

Click here for a downloadable guide

Check the power is on

The aerial needs power to work correctly; check that the power is switched on (Switch on either the mains and/or battery power to the vehicle) both power sources switch on the aerial (12 Volts).

Check Battery

Check the coax lead is of good quality

Check that the TV aerial lead is of good quality (Normally cheap leads from the supermarket give reception problems, they are normally mass produced and made to a wider tolerance). Ensure the coax lead from the aerial socket to the TV is suitable for digital reception (If in doubt ask for advice).

Good Coax

Connect aerial and power

Fix the TV to a bracket or place on a stable flat surface then connect the aerial cable and power lead to the TV and sockets.

Check Aerial Socket

Tune in TV and choose transmitter

Switch on the TV and tune in the channels. If the vehicle is moved or a different socket is used you might need to re-tune TV. If the first transmitter picked up has poor quality pictures, then retune and pick another transmitter (follow steps 7, 8, 9 & 10 below).

Tune TV

Check location for signal strength

Check that the digital tv signal strength where the vehicle is situated is Very Good to Good.
Go to:
Enter the postcode & check signal strength

Signal Strength

Note: Sometimes transmitters are being repaired or upgraded Go to:
Check if signal is OK that day / week

Engineering Works

Check there are no obstructions

Is the vehicle outside in an open space?

Check that the vehicle has no obstructions:

  • House lean to/canopy
  • Trees (also blowing in the wind)
  • House or other buildings
  • Hills
  • Large vehicles
  • In a valley
  • Etc.

Check TV monitor

Check the TV is working correctly by ensuring that the channels tune in correctly in your home. If the TV does not pick up the expected number of channels we would recommend you get the TV checked out

See step 6 shows how to tune your TV

Number of Channels

Understand digital signals

Digital signals have what the industry calls the Cliff effect The Cliff effect is either you have a picture or not within a very small difference of signal strength. This happens with both weak and strong signals.

cliff effect

Troubleshooting guide – Checklist:

Action tick or cross
Check the power is on
Check the coax lead is of good quality
Connect aerial and power
Tune in TV and choose transmitter
Check TV monitor
Check location for signal strength
Check for obstructions
Understand digital signals

If after following this guide you still have problems contact your local Retailer or Approved Workshop.