SoLiD Construction

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SoLiD Construction

Weights start at 1401kgs MTPLM
Prices start at £17,244 On the Road (OTR price includes delivery charge of RRP £495)


  • Avante 866 8ft-wide
  • Avante Lounge
  • Avante 554
  • Avante 586

Avante 866 8ft-wide

Avante Overview

The Elddis Avanté range is growing. Not just in number, with the introduction of new models, but in width!

Elddis is introducing two thrilling new layouts to the UK caravan market – both of which are 8ft wide – offering caravanners a completely unique touring alternative.

Whether you opt for the new 8ft-wide super-tourers or standard-width Avanté, you will appreciate the comprehensive specification, on-trend styling and practical features!

Choose from 6 standard-width and 2 8ft-wide Elddis Avanté models…