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The multi-award-winning Elddis Autoquest is renowned for its quality, value and driving performance.

Autoquest 155 £47,999

4 berth on the road*

5 from 2 reviews

The Autoquest 155 low-line motorhome offers the luxury of a fixed bed and lots of lounging space with additional fold-out travel seats so four can travel in safety.

This layout is the perfect option for two or four!


* Includes First Year VED (Road Tax) £2,135 and On The Road Charges (OTR) £1,365 Δ 
Δ OTR Charge includes delivery, registration and PDI

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Wendy Robotham

Sunday 16th August 2015

I have an Autoquest 155 which I think is the best Motorhome I have ever owned. Over 30 years I have purchased 5 new vans, including 4 Elddis and 1 Swift. I am very experienced & my 155 is the best.


Sunday 24th February 2019

This is our 3rd Elddis motorhome starting with an Elddis Eclipse then a Marquis Majestic 145 and now an Thompson Leisure Exclusive 155 dealer special ,

The 155 meets our needs perfectly. The feeling of space is great plus the advantage of having the hidden travel seats if and when required.

We looked at a lot of different vans, Swift Escape and the Bailey Autograph but found the 155 the best layout overall.

There's very few niggles and some minor areas of finish could be better but for a sub 45k van (base model) I find hard to beat.

Would definitely recommend going for a dealer special as we did. You get a lot more spec and still south of £50k. What's not to love!

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